Plan Free To Be

Girls and young women living in Delhi, Kampala, Lima, Madrid and Sydney contributed more than 21,000 testimonials through Plan International's Free to Be. The analysis of their stories in our report, Unsafe in the City, found that in all five cities, boys and men grope, chase, stalk, leer at, verbally insult, and flash girls and young women. We've shared the findings with the people who make decisions about our cities and now we're advocating and campaigning for change.

Free to Be was designed in collaboration with CrowdSpot, Monash University’s XYX Lab and, crucially, young women. It’s a crowd-mapping tool that enables young women to identify and share public spaces that make them feel uneasy and scared or happy and safe. It has empowered young women to call out unsafe experiences and geographically identify spaces where change needs to occur.

Select a city below to view the data and stories submitted and pledge to stand with girls around the world to end street harassment.